Getting Started

Hello, thanks for stopping by.  In April 2014, I found myself jobless. A bit careless I grant you. At 53, (only on the outside mind you, I’m still 15 on the inside),  I’m still not altogether sure what I want to be when I grow up. This definitely isn’t a mid-life crisis, I’m probably 15 years too late for that, however I have decided to take some time out to think about what I want to do. Currently all I have is a long list of things I don’t want to do, which I admit isn’t a lot of use to anyone.  That said, there are some things that I get a lot of fun from including writing, cycling, playing music and photography, and that is the reason behind this blog. I want to spend the summer of 2014 figuring out  what I am going to do to earn a living and how I can mix in some of the things I enjoy doing.

At this point let me introduce you to Matilda the very pink bicycle.

Matilda the touring bike
Matilda the touring bike

The plan, such as it is today, is to do some touring and write about what I find as I go.

This is mainly just for me, but if you find this, enjoy it and have something positive to say that will be great too.

Alton April 2014

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